Faculty Training Webinar Links - Spring 2021


Faculty Training Webinar Links - Spring 2021

The links below are from webinars conducted during spring 2021 faculty development opportunities. 

Student Engagement and Instructor Presence Series

Communication Strategies Webinar

Offered: January 27

Description: Join us for a lively demonstration and discussion about the many ways you can communication with your students and the tools available to help support your outreach. These strategies and tools work for all modalities of teaching.

Recording Link: Communication Strategies Webinar

Associated Resources: 

How to create a Blackboard Announcement

Using headers in Blackboard

Send Reminders

Creating a discussion forum in Blackboard

Video and Audio Grading Feedback

Getting started with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Creating Rubrics


TechSmith Knowmia



Engagement Tools 

Offered: February 9

Description: What can you use in your course to engage your students? What tools do we have available? How do we use them? Join us to learn and discuss the engagement tools available to you at the College and how you can use them to enhance your course. Tools include: Padlet, Discussion Board Ratings, Announcements, TechSmith Conversations, Branched Scenarios using Microsoft Forms and Flipgrid).

Recording Link: Engagement Tools Webinar (you may be prompted to login with your College email and password to view)




Tech Tuesdays

Grade Center and Rubric Alignment Webinar

Offered: February 4 

Description: Learn how to align General Education Core Goals to a grade enter column and rubric as well as run associated reports. 

Recording Link: Grade Center and Rubric Alignment Webinar

Associated Resources: 

Running a course performance report again Blackboard Goal set (this was used for alignment to grade center column in webinar)

How to align goals to a grade center column in Blackboard

Running a Goal Alignment report from a rubric


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