Info about upgrading the operating system on your TI calculator



TI calculators have an OS (operating system) that can be upgraded. To see what OS your calculator has do the following:

  • Select 2nd and then mem (mem is above the + key)


  • Select 1: About
  • This TI-84 Plus has OS 2.55MP

  • This TI-84 Plus CE has OS


  • Apparently, the newest OS for the TI-83 is OS 19
  • If you have an older OS your calculator may not behave like calculators with the newest OS. Here’s one difference between older OS’s and the newer OS’s
  • For some older OS’s when you enter a number and then press ^ you can only enter one digit. So, for example if you want, to take 5 to the 31 power it’s difficult because after you enter the 3, the cursor drops down to normal mode. You’ll need to bracket the power with parentheses.

  • For newer OS’s, the cursor stays in the exponent place until you press enter or the ► key.

  • To upgrade the OS on your calculator you’ll need to download two files from TI. The first file is the new OS. The second file is a program that writes the new OS to your calculator. You’ll also need a cable to connect your calculator to your PC.
  • For more info, google “TI os upgrade” or check YouTube
  • Here are some links to check:

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