Printing Services


Printing Services

The College's Copy Center provides many printing services for College faculty and staff. Turnaround time is generally 24 hours but additional time may be needed at the beginning and end of each semester due to high demand. An electronic Copy Production request form is available on the Faculty Staff Portal. Services offered include:

  • Color and B&W printing and duplicating
  • Booklets
  • Staple (left corner, left double, saddle)
  • Hole Punch (single, three hole, custom)
  • Folding (half, accordion, letter)
  • Cutting (half, third, quarter, custom)
  • Lamination

A Copy Center request form walk-through video is available. Please contact the Copy Center at with any questions.

The College's Copy Center and IT departments do not offer large format printing such as posters and banners. Please log into the Office Depot Copy and Print Services to obtain copy and print services not available through the College. If you do not have an Office Depot login, please contact your office's administrative assistant.

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