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Faculty - Remark Office Templates (Printable Answer Sheets)
Viewed 7697 times since Mon, May 16, 2016
2021 Faculty - Remark Office Templates (Printable Answer Sheets) Printable Remark Answer sheets are available on the Remark designated computer. The computers are located in the following buildings and rooms: Science Center - 280 Health... Read More
Faculty - Remark: Advanced Grade
Viewed 6047 times since Fri, Jun 3, 2016
2021 Faculty - Remark: Advanced Grade Advanced Grade instead of Quick Grade can be used to adjust the grade scale and identify questions that have multiple answers. This article will show you how to use Advanced Grade for grading tests. ... Read More
Faculty - Remark: Scanning and Grading with an Answer Key
Viewed 1626 times since Mon, Aug 2, 2021
2022 Faculty - : Scanning and Grading with the Answer Key This article will provide you with written directions and a video tutorial on how to scan and grade student answer sheets with the answer key in the Remark software. It is... Read More

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