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What’s New in Office 2016


What's New in Office 2016

Office 2016 brings a new look and feel to programs such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. This article will highlight some of the biggest changes and features added to Office 2016 programs.


1. Backstage Interface

When you open a document and click File you will be taken to the Backstage view. The Backstage view is where you can manage you documents by creating, saving, sending, and inspecting documents. Accessible in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.


Backstage Interface



2. The Ribbon

The Ribbon is a set of toolbars at the top of you window that is available in all Office 2016 applications.The ribbon is designed to help you quickly find commands. Accessible in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.





3. Smart Lookup

Smart Lookup opens an Insights pane which gives you Wiki articles, definitions, and top web searches. Click Review > Smart Lookup or highlight a word and right-click on your mouse to access Smart Lookup and Insights. Accessible in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.


Smart Lookup

4. Insights

Insights are part of Smart Lookup. Get definitions, results from web searches, and Wiki articles related to a specific word in your document. Accessible in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.






5.Preset Styles

You can now apply a preset style or theme style to any objects or shapes that you insert. To access, insert an object or a shape and click the Format tab that appears. Use the tools in Shape Styles to select your style or theme. Accessible in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.


Preset Styles



6. Ink Equation

You can now write your own equations using Ink Equation. Ink Equation inserts mathematical equations using your own handwriting. To access click the Insert tab. Accessible in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.


Ink Equation

Ink Equation



7. Tell Me What you Want to Do

Use the unique search bar above the Ribbon to get tips and assistance with tasks. Type what you are looking for in the search bar and Office 2016 will pull up all of the information related to your search. Accessible in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.


Tell Me What You Want to Do


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