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Using the Remark Grade Import Building Block


Using the Remark Grade Import Building Block


1. After using Remark Office OMR/Remark Classic OMR to scan the assessments, grade them using either Quick Grade or Advanced Grade.  



2. Once graded, go to File -> Export - > Gradebook in Remark Quick Stats. In the Format drop-down list, select Blackboard. Select “Export.” Save the file somewhere you can access it while importing into Blackboard.



NOTE: The Blackboard import can match students on ID numbers or names. There must be a student identifier in the graded data, and that region must be marked as an Analysis Respondent ID in the form template or Advanced Grade.


3.   Log into Blackboard.  
4.   Navigate to the course for which you are an instructor and into which you wish to import the grades.  
5a.   Enable Remark Grade Import by clicking on Customization and Tool Availability
5b. Check the box "Remark Grade Import" then click submit.

5c. Under “Course Tools,” select “Remark Grade Import.”
6.   Select whether you want to import the grades into an existing assessment or create a new assessment into which to import the grades. If you are importing into an existing assessment, select the assessment into which you want to import. If you are creating a new assessment, enter a name for the assessment.

7.   Click Choose File and browse to the .rbbx file saved when exporting the gradebook from Remark. Click “Submit.”

8.   The next page will present any duplicate student IDs in the file or IDs that were not matched to a student enrolled in the course. If there are any unmatched IDs, use the drop-down list next to them to choose either a student to match them with or to ignore that grade. (The options you see here are dependent upon your Blackboard configuration.)


9.   Confirm the grades that were matched, and select “Submit.”
10. The grades are imported into the class.  








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