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Using HiPath Xpressions Web Assistant


Check Voice Mail via Web using OpenScape Xpressions

  1.       Open a web browser and log into the Montco Portal
  2. Under Resources click Voice Mail Access
    1.       If you do not see this link, click View all next to Tools, and search and add
    2.       OR, search for Voice Mail in the top Search bar
  3. Enter your phone extension and PIN to access Main menu.
    1.      User = extension
    2.      Password = PIN (same PIN used to access voicemail on your office phone)
  4.       Select Mail Client at left to access your voicemail
  5.       Click the Subject line to listen to your voicemail
Click Play to play the message on your computer
Click Play on phone to have the system call you (on campus) and play the message on the phone 

Change your PIN

  1.       Select Personal Settings > Voicemail System (from left side)
  2.       Click the Change A second window opens.
  3.       Enter your current PIN in the first field
  4.       Enter your new PIN
  5.       Confirm your new PIN
  6. Click the Save
    1.      The window will be closed and your new PIN is at once valid.

Creating and Selecting Recordings

In the Type of recording section select the desired recording type via the corresponding radio button. In the Recording column select the details. In case of a standard user greeting or a personal greeting this is a digit. In case of a private or public group this is the group name. Based on this digit respectively name a recording may be selected, for example, in a time profile.

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