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Time entry approval for supervisors


Time Entry Approval

1. Log into the MyMC3 .  
2. Select the Webadvisor icon

3. Expand "Time Entry and Approval" in left side navigation  

4. Select "Time approval (for supervisors)"  

5. You may need to remove the check marks in the Review Entry column for the timecards that do not need to be reviewed.      

 Verify that a check mark exists in the Review Entry column only for those employees who need their time card reviewed and only for the pay period to be paid.
 *** For all timecards which do not need to be reviewed, do NOT put a check mark in the Approve column.
6. Click Submit  
7. Review the hours entered by employee  
8. Verify “Employee has completed their time” = Yes  


Approving a Timecard

9. Select Approve from "Supervisor Decision" field

10. Click Submit
The next timecard you selected to review in step 5 will open.


Rejecting a Timecard


If a timecard has been rejected, it is the responsibility of the Supervisor to make sure that the employee is aware of the rejection. Do not rely on email as the only means of notifying your employees of a rejected timecard.


9. Select Reject from Supervisor Decision field

10. Enter an E-mail Subject
11. Enter a comment with detailed information or questions relating to the rejection.
12. Verify employee email address
13. Click Submit

 The next timecard you selected to review in step 5 will open.  
*** Supervisors will only have one day to approve all Part Time timecards.  All timecards must be approved by Wednesday at 12:00 noon.  
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