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Posting to the Discussion Board

  1. Click on the Discussion Board link on the left-hand navigation.

  1. Click on the name of the discussion forum that you want to respond to.

Note: In some forums, you may be required to create an original post before you can see any other posts as shown in this example.

  1. In either case, click the Create Thread button to create an original post.

  1. Type your subject in the Subject field as seen in A.

  1. Type your response in the Message area of the screen as seen in B.

Notice that you various formatting options, spell check and the ability to insert images, links, etc. as seen in C.

  1. If you need to attach a file, click Browse My Computer, navigate to the file and select it.

  1. Click Submit when you are finished.

Note: You also have the option to Save as Draft. Use this option if you need to save and come back to complete your post at a later time. You will need to click Submit for your post to be viewable in the Discussion Forum by other students.

How to Create a Thread in the Discussion Board - Video


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