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Students - Create Blackboard Journal Entry


Students - Create Blackboard Journal Entry

A Journal is a feature your instructor may use in your course. Typically the Journal space is created for you by your instructor. You can add individual entries to your Journal. This also depends on how your instructor wants you to fill out the journal space. If the Journal is private, only the student and the Instructor can see the entries in the Journal.


1. Click the link to go to the Journals page  

2. Click the name of the Journal where you want to add your entry (you will see all of your journals listed here)

In this example, the student must click on "Journal 1"

3. Click Create Journal Entry  
4. Give the Journal a Title   
5. Under Message, type your journal entry message.  
6. Click Browse My Computer to attach files to your journal entry
7. When finished and ready to post journal entry, click Post Entry  
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