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Students - Connecting to a Zoom Meeting via Zoom Computer Application


Students - Connecting to a Zoom Meeting via Zoom Computer Application


This article will show you how to connect to a Zoom meeting using the Zoom computer application. These directions are for those who are interested in joining a Zoom meeting using the computer application that is already installed on their computer. 


1. To access the session, click on the Zoom link provided by your Instructor. This link may be posted on the Course Navigation Menu or as a link within the Course Materials. 

Your instructor may not call this link "Zoom” as in this example. Please be sure to verify from your instructor where this link is in your course.

2. Identify the meeting you need to attend and click Join, next to that meeting.

3. Make sure your browser did not block any pop-ups, or prevent access to your microphone and camera.  
4. When prompted, click Open Zoom

5. If the meeting hasn’t started yet, you will be placed in a waiting room until the professor starts it. You can test your audio during this time or after the meeting has started.

6. Meeting recordings can be accessed through the Zoom link then under the Cloud Recordings tab.

7. You have the option to review the recording or just the audio.


If prompted for the MCCC zoom URL, it is

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