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Note: This document was adapted from the Blackboard Help “Calendar” resource at


The calendar displays a consolidated view of all your institution, course, organization, and personal calendar events. You can view events by day, week, or month. You can view and organize upcoming and past events into categories.


Course calendar events appear to all members of the course. Common entries include upcoming tests, due dates for assignments, or special lectures. Course items with due dates automatically appear in the course calendar. Only instructors may create course calendar events.

The Calendar

  1. View events by day, week, or month.
  2. Navigate to another month.
  3. Click the plus (+) to create a new event. You can also click a date to create an event. Assign the event to the appropriate calendar, select the date and time, and add a description.  Note: Students cannot create an event on a course calendar.
  4. Click an event to manage it. You can also press and drag an event to change the date.
  5. Select the calendars you want to show, such personal, or course. By default, all calendars are visible. Optionally, change the color of each calendar to suit your preference. Using a distinct color for each calendar easily displays which calendar the event is associated to without opening the event.  Note: All course events, such as assignments due, appear in the course calendar.

How to Create a Personal Event

  1. On the calendar, click the plus (+) to create a new event. You can also click a specific date to create an event.
  2. Type the New Event Name.
  3. Select a calendar to associate the event to, such as your personal calendar. Note: Only instructors can add events to the course calendars.
  4. Select the Start and End times.Type the Event Description. There is a 4,000-character limit for event descriptions.
  5. Click Save.

 Importing Events in Another Calendar

  1. At the bottom of the calendar, click the Get External Calendar Link button. 
  2. Copy the link and use that link to import the calendar data into another calendar, such as your Google calendar. 


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