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Students - Adjusting your Zoom Window to View the Speaker and Shared Content


Students - Adjusting your Zoom Window to View the Speaker and Shared Content


Your class may require you to connect to class online. Your instructor may require you to connect via Zoom. 

When you have successfully joined your Zoom class session you have the ability to adjust what you see and how you see it. 

Below are a video and written directions on how to adjust your Zoom view so you can see just your Instructor and any content they are sharing with you for class. 

Note: These instructions are only for classes that use Zoom. Your instructor will indicate what platform you will be using to connect to class. 


Video: Zoom View Settings (00:00:34)


1. Connect to your class via Zoom. 

Note: You can adjust the Zoom view in the Zoom application or Zoom in a web browser.




2. Once your instructor has shared content with you, such as a PowerPoint or their computer screen, move your mouse around on your Zoom screen until you see the View icon appear in the upper right hand corner. 


3. A drop down menu will appear. You can select from the following options:

  • Standard - The content your instructor is sharing will appear as the largest video while everyone else in the Zoom session will appear smaller.
  • Side-by-side: Speaker - The instructor will be the only video that is visible next to the content the instructor is sharing.
  • Side-by-side: Gallery - Everyone that is in the Zoom session will be visible next to the content the instructor is sharing. 



4. The recommended Zoom view for a Hybrid or Flex class is the Side-by-side: Speaker view. 

Note: You can change the Zoom view at any time during class. The Zoom view you select is only for you and does not change the view for others in the class.



5. You can Pin your instructor's video, if you wish, to keep the video on the instructor's video while in Side-by-side: Speaker view, put your mouse over your instructors video. 

Click the 3 dots (...) in the upper right corner of the video and select Pin.

This will keep the instructors video as the main video during class.

Note: To remove or cancel a pinned video, put your mouse over the video you pinned and click Remove Pin from the upper left corner of the video.

5. To make the content your instructor shares and the video larger or smaller, locate the two small white lines between the content and the video.

Click and drag the lines to the left or the right to make the video and/or content larger or smaller. 


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