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Student Password Reset/ Claim Account


Student Password Reset/ Claim Account

New students can claim their accounts by going through the steps listed below. 

Current and former students with an active mobile phone number on file have the ability to reset their passwords by following the same steps.

1. After navigating to, type in your username in the given text box and click Continue



Note: If you do not have a mobile phone number on file or it is incorrect, you will need to contact Enrollment Services at 215-641-6551 to add one to your account.  If you need to login immediately, please contact the IT Help Desk at 215-641-6495 or at to reset your password.

The error you will receive starts with: "The identity services you enrolled with..."


Once your account has been located, confirm the last 2 numbers of your phone number are correct before clicking Send CodeThis will send a six digit random number to you as a text message


The following message will appear, verifying that the code was successfully sent to your mobile number.

Enter the code you have received and click Verify Code


You will be prompted to create a new password. Enter your new password in both input boxes, ensuring that it meets the listed requirements. 

Note: A Unicode character is not required as long as you have met 3 of the other listed requirements. 

5. Once your password has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation that it has changed

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