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Starfish - Select All


Starfish - Select All 

This article will explain how to select all students for a course when completing tasks in Starfish.


To select all students in a course, click the check box to the left of the name column.  

The My Students tab with Starfish functions like flag, kudos, etc. The Select All button on the left of the name column is circled in red.

Please Note:

If you have selected less than 50 students, the system will process your request immediately. 

If you have selected 50 or more students, the system processes the selection as a batch action to avoid system performance issues. 

If you selected 50 or more students, you will receive a confirmation page.   Select “Yes, Finish” to confirm your selection.

The Select All maximum is 15,000 students or items. If you reach this limit, you will be prompted to adjust your filters before making a selection.

A Starfish system message reads: We're sorry, but your list exceeds system limitations. We suggest filtering your list to fewer than 15,000 before trying again to Select All. A clickable button labeled Back to List is below the message.

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