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SMART Notebook 17.1 - New Features


SMART Notebook 17.1 - New Features


SMART Notebook 17.1 includes new features and a slight change to the look and feel of the SMART Notebook software. The upgrade has not drastically changed from the previous version of SMART Notebook. New features and enhancements have been added to make a better experience for the student and instructor.


SMART Notebook 17 User Guide








Welcome Screen

The new Welcome Screen that appears when you open SMART Notebook shows you the most recent Notebooks, links to new Notebook features and content, and file sharing. 

SMART Notebook 17.1 Welcome Screen















SMART Lab Sign-In You can now sign-in to SMART Lab activities with your Google or Microsoft account. Signing into one of these accounts will not require you or your students to sign-in each time they access a SMART Lab activity. SMART Response 2 and other SMART Lab activities require a sign-in.
SMART Notebook Document Writer - Print to Board

 You now have the ability to convert any Windows application to a SMART Notebook file. Use the Print feature on the application to print the file to SMART Notebook Document Writer. This will convert the file to a SMART Notebook file that you can then open directly in SMART Notebook.

SMART Notebook Document Writer Window


Changing the Font - Bulleted List

Change the font in a bulleted list. Highlight the text in the list that you want to change and select the font from the drop-down menu provided.

SMART Notebook 17.1 Bulleted List with Font Change

Measurement Tools

Use the measurement tools (compass, protractor, ruler, etc.) to create angles and lines. Move the tool in a position you wish and tap to create an angle or draw to create a straight line. 

Measurement tools in SMART Notebook 17.1 to create lines and angles

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