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Sharing Folders


Sharing Folders


To share a folder, you need to make each higher level folder in the hierarchy visible. For example, if you wanted to share the Folder B folder shown at right, you would need to make the jscales top level folder and Folder A visible. 

1. Right-click the top-level folder with the name of the account ( in this example), then click Folder Permissions  
2. In the Permissions tab, add the name of the account you are sharing the folder with  
3. In the Permissions tab, click the name of the delegate.  
4. Under Permissions , under Other, select the Folder Visible check box.  All other permissions, (i.e., Read  and Delete Items ) can remain as None.


5. Click OK.    
The process you just completed grants users access to the top level of the account, but not to anything within the account. To be able to see anything within the account, access needs to be granted to Inbox, Cabinet, and each folder/subfolder. Continue on to the next section to see how to do this for each area and parent to which the other individual needs access.  

To Share Subfolders

1. After granting root level permission, right click on the folder you want to grant access to  

2. Select Properties


3. Select Permissions tab


 3. Click the name of the person you are granting access to (to add additional people, first given the root level permission to view the account as described above.)


 4. In the Permissions section, select the desired level of permission from the drop-down menu.  

5. Click OK  

If the person that was added with permission to access the folder has not accessed items from this account before, they will need to add your mailbox to their account. See for instructions.

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