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Sending Email with Mail Merge for Advisors


Sending Email with Mail Merge for Advisors

  1. Download an Excel file (.xls) from Starfish containing the students you will be contacting
    1. Log into Starfish
    2. Apply any necessary filters
      • i.e. Attribute = RCT
    3. Click Download
    4. When prompted, select 'Save As'
    5. Save as type = Excel (.xls) or (.xlsx)
    6. Note the file name and location as you will need it later.
  2. Open the Outlook client
    • Note: not the web version of email
  3. Open the letter you will be sending students (also referred to as the Merge Document) in Word
    • Example document attached to this article.
  4. If prompted, click Enable Content, on the yellow Security Warning
  5. Modify the document as needed. For example:
    • You should review the entire document and add/remove information as it applies to you and/or your advisees.
    • Add the majors you advise.
    • Add your campus.
    • Update your email
    • Add your signature.
  6. Select the Mailings Tab from the Ribbon
  7. Click Select Recipients > Use an Existing List...
  8. Select the file saved in step 1.f above and click  Open Button
  9. When prompted to select table, verify 'First row of data contains column headers is checked'.
  10. Click OK
  11. Click the  Preview Results  button (in the Mailings tab) to ensure the correct fields from the Excel file are being placed in the document.
    • You may click the navigation buttons (e.x. Right arrow ) to navigate through the records to verify.
  12. Click Finish & Merge > Send Email Messages...
    • Finish & Merge / Send Email Messages

  13. Verify To: field is set to email
  14. Enter a Subject line:
  15. Optional: select a limited number of records to send to
    • It is recommended you email no more than 200 individuals at a time. If your list of students exceeds 200 individuals, it is recommended you use the From: fields to select groups of 200 students
    • From field

  16. When you are ready to begin sending the messages, click  OK button
    • The messages will begin sending immediately
    • Messages will be sent from Outlook. You can verify messages sent in your Sent Items folder.
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