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Selecting Student from the Waiting Room


Selecting Student from the Waiting Room

After you log into Starfish, click on the Home tab.


In the upper left hand grid you will see the Waiting Rooms that you have access to.

  1. If there is a student in the queue it will be shown here
  2. To see the list of students click the Waiting Room link

  1. The students name, photo, reason for the appointment, arrival time, and wait time can all be seen here.
  2. To begin the advising session, click on Start Meeting
  3. If the student left, click on Student Left

  1. You can enter information about the session in the Detailed Description or on the Outcomes tab
  2. Once you have finished the session you click on Submit in the lower right hand corner
  3. If you selected the wrong student, click on Never Mind in the lower right hand corner and the student will go back to the queue where they were before.



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