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Secured Print


Secured Print


Instructions for completing a Secure Print on the Samsung MFD's.


1. Press Print… (or Ctrl+P)  
2. Select your area MFD  
3. Click the Preferences button  

4. Click the Secure Printing  

5. On the Print Mode Settings window that opens, type the desired password in the Enter Password box and again in the Confirm Password box.   

6. Click OK to close the Print Mode Settings dialogue box  
7. Click OK to close the Printing Preferences dialogue box  
8. Click Print on the Print dialogue box  

(Note:  Your document will be stored in temporary memory at the MFD and will not print until you enter the Password at the machine.  Your document will be erased if it is not printed within the timer limits, usually at least two hours, but never more than 24 hours.  The energy saver mode will not erase your print job; however, if the machine is completely powered down for any reason, your document will be erased automatically.)

10. At the MFD:
  1. Select Menu > Job Manage > Stored Job
  2. Select the document to print
  3. Enter the password you set on the Print Mode Settings dialogue box
  4. Print or delete the document
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