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Reviewing and Managing a Duplicate Detection Job


Reviewing and Managing a Duplicate Detection Job 


This article will provide you with directions on how to review and manage a duplicate detection job in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


1. Login to    
2. Navigate to Settings > Data Management > Duplicate Detection Jobs and click on Duplicate Detection Jobs Microsoft Dynamics Dashboard  
3. You will see a list of duplicate detection jobs. Click on the name of the job to open.    Duplicate Detection Jobs
4. To review the duplicates, click View Duplicates .   View Duplicates link
5. The top panel shows the records and the bottom is the matching record the system thinks is a duplicate.   View of records
6. Select the record at the top panel that you want to review and then select the bottom record. Locate and click the Merge icon on the bottom panel and click Select   Master .   Records with Merge

7. On the screen you can view the details of each record and compare why the system thinks they are duplicates.

  1. If there is a duplicate you can select the master record using the top option in the merge record screen.
  2. If the records are not a duplicate, you can cancel the merge screen and move on to the next record.
  Master Record
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