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Raising a tracking item for a student

Raising a tracking item for a student

There are multiple ways to raise tracking items for a student.

To raise a single flag, to-do or referral on a student:

  1. Navigate to the Students tab.
  2. Click on the student’s name to navigate to the Student Folder.
  3. Select the Track button.
  4. On the Track Student form select the tracking item to be raised and add a comment indicating why the item is being raised. If applicable, select a Course Context.

  5. Save the form to create the item.

To raise a single item on multiple students:

  1. Navigate to the Students tab.
  2. Select the checkbox to the left of all of students’ names then select the Track button in the action bar.
  3. On the Track form select the flag, referral or to-do to be raised for all of the students. Note that only items that can be created by you on all of the selected students will be selectable on the form. If applicable, select a Course Context for the flag.
  4. Save the form to create the item.

To raise tracking items other than flags or to raise more than one tracking item on a student at once, you must Create a Plan. Plans are useful for recording issues, points of discussion and action items raised during appointments or other interventions with a student. To create a plan:

  1. Navigate to the Students tab.
  2. Click on the student’s name.
  3. Select the Create Plan button at the top of the student folder.

  4. Give the plan a Name and provide an Overview of the plan.
  5. Next add the tracking items to the plan by selecting the Tracking Item and entering the comments and other details for the item. Select the Add Item button to add the item to the plan.

  6. Arrange the items in the list in the proper order for completion by the student.
  7. Submit the form to create the plan and all tracking items added to the plan. If you wish to view and print the complete plan, select the Submit & Print option.

Note that all tracking items added to the plan will be raised when the plan is created, and a notification of each Flag, Referral or To-Do will be sent to the appropriate recipients based on the permissions set for the associated tracking item rules.

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