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PowerPoint (Office 365): Overview and Usage


PowerPoint (Office 365): Overview and Usage

PowerPoint allows you to edit, present, and record presentations. PowerPoint helps supplement and support the words you may be speaking to a live audience.


Suggested uses for students: 


  • Create flashcards to help you and classmates study for an upcoming exam


Suggested uses for faculty:

  • Create a Jeopardy game for your students to review for an exam or help reinforce concepts that are often difficult.


Introduction to PowerPoint

Slides and layouts

Text and tables

Pictures and graphics

Present slide shows

Animation, video, and audio

Share and co-author


Make your PowerPoints accessible to people with disabilities


Title: Top 5 Tips for Effective PowerPoint Presentations  Tip #1: Less is more. Keep it simple. Avoid the following: paragraphs of text, too many images, and too many animations (transitions)  Tip #2: Keep the slides moving. By having less on your slides or spreading the information across multiple slides, you can maintain audience engagement and ensure your key points are the focus.   Tip #3: Tell a story. It creates content, meaning, emotion, and engagement. Consider the following: add a single full-size image that directly illustrates your point(s) and avoid stock images and aim for realistic images.  Tip #4: Create a script. Your slides should support your talk not be your talk. Scripts can be provided as a handout both in person or online. It helps keep presentations concise and focused.   Tip #5: Model video best practices. If recording your slides, consider the following: do a run through without recording to become familiar with your script and flow and chunk your information to keep recording <15 minutes.

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