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Scheduling Assistant


Outlook’s Scheduling Assistant is capable of taking a great number of variables into account when helping you to schedule a meeting. This section will explain how to create a new Meeting Request and schedule that request using the Scheduling Assistant. 

1. On the Navigation pane, click Calendar

 2. On the Home tab select New Meeting  

 3. From the Meeting tab, click Scheduling Assistant    

 4. To select attendees from an Address Book, click ADD ATTENDEES » add the desired attendees  

 5. From the small calendar on the right, click the desired meeting day   
 6. From the Duration pull-down menu, select the appropriate meeting length   
 7. From the Suggested Times list, select the desired meeting time 
NOTE: The Suggested Times list automatically sorts and displays all the possible meeting times on the date you select based on attendee availability, resource availability (if any resources/rooms have been added), and duration. If no times work during the day you have selected, you can repeat steps 4-5 to find a better day. 
 8. In the Show group, click Appointment  

 9. In the Subject text box, type the appropriate information   
 10. Complete the body of the message  
 11. Click Send  

      Your meeting request is sent and the window closes  
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