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Office 365 - Outlook Web Access (OWA) - Creating Groups


Office 365 - Outlook Web Access (OWA) - Creating Groups


This article will provide you with directions on how to create a Group through your email account. 


1. Login to the portal using your College username and password. Click on the Quick Links drop down menu and select the Employee Email link.  
2. Your email will open in a new tab on your Internet browser. On the left navigation menu, locate Groups. Click New Group.



3. A new window will appear based on the group you selected. Fill out the following information:

  • Group Name: Name of the group
  • Description: Description of the group to tell people the purpose of the group
  • Privacy: Determine if you want your group to be Public or Private. 
    • Public: Anyone within your organization can see the group content and become a member
    • Private: Membership requires approval from the group owner and only members can view the content.
  • Language: Select the language for group notifications
  • Send all group conversations...: Check this box so members can keep track of group conversations. This is especially helpful if members belong to multiple groups.


Click Create in the bottom left corner when you are finished.




4. Your group will now appear under the Groups section on the left navigation menu of your Mail.


List of Groups in OWA


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