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Non-Credit, Open Enrollment Section Entry

  1. Log into Colleague
  2. Go to SSUM


  3. Enter course number & click 

    Course Lookup

  4. Enter Start Date of the term to filter results to the appropriate term




    Jan – Apr


    May – Jun


    Jul – Aug


    Sept - Dec

  5. Review the list and make a note of the last active section number

    Active Section Number

  6. Click   to detail on the next empty line

  7. Enter A and click 

  8. Enter the next available section number

    • Central: 01, 02, 03, etc.
    • West: AW, BW, CW, etc.
  9. Enter the appropriate term indicated by section start date (YYYY/01, 02, 03, 04)

  10. Enter Start and End Dates from section form

  11. Enter the location
  12. Change Status to A

  13. Click  


  14. Click   to detail on Faculty Assignment
  15. Enter ID# of faculty member and click 

  16. If prompted click 

  17. Click   (or F9)
  18. Click   (or Enter) to return to SECT
  19. Click  to detail on Offering Info
  20. Verify that the Lecture and/or Lab hours match the section form information.

    Instr Method Validation

    • Contact the Program Coordinator if there is a discrepancy
  21. Enter meeting information from section form in Schedule Print Times section
    • It is recommended that you notate any skipped dates and enter dates on multiple lines


  22. Enter Y in Rebuild Calendar field

    • Cursor will jump to Actual Meeting Times and if information entered is correct, the Rebuild Meeting Dates will default to N.
    • If the information is not correct (day/date mismatch) you will receive an error message “No Dates Built.” Recheck days and dates on the section form and/or check with Program Coordinator to resolve conflict.
  23. Click  to detail on Calendar Details
  24. Verify Dates, Days, Time, and number of sessions matches the submitted section form
  25. Click  (or F9)
  26. Click  (or Enter) to return to SOFF
  27. Click  (or F9)
  28. Click   (or Enter) to return to SECT
  29. Click   to detail on Restrictions
  30. Verify Section Capacity and Minimum Enrollment from section form
    • Contact Program Coordinator if there is a discrepancy
  31. Verify or set  
  32. Verify or set  
  33. Click  (or F9)
  34. Click   (or Enter) to return to SECT
  35. Click   to detail on Financial Info   
  36. Verify Course Cost from section form
    Course Cost
    • Contact program manager if there is a discrepancey in course cost
    • Contact Con Ed office if course cost changes
  37. Verify GL Number from section form
    GL Number
    • GL will always end with _000000_40110
    • Central GL always begins with 1_1_1
    • West GL always begins with 1_2_1
  38. Click  (or F9)
  39. Click  (or Enter) to return to SECT
  40. Click  to detail on Billing Info
  41. Verify   Billing Method
  42. Verify   Drop Reg Ref Pol and Wdrw Reg Ref Pol
  43. Delete unnecessary line from Tuition section so only 1 tuition line remains
    • For West campus sections, remove line 1 (AR code does NOT end in W)
    • For Central campus sections, remove line 2 (AR code ends in W)
      • Click on appropriate line number  2
      • Click   Delete
      • Click Delete   again
  44. Click  (or F9)
  45. Click  (or Enter) to return to SECT
  46. If a textbook is required to be purchased by the student
    • Click  to detail on Additional Info
    • Click  to detail on Printed Comments
    • Enter actual Course cost in the following format:
      • Course Cost: $______
    • Enter book details in the following format:
      • Required text: The Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd edition by The College Board (2009 or 2011)
    • If there are any dates skipped add to next line in comments in the following format
      • No class 3/17
    • Add any other critical information that a student will need to know.
  47. Click  (or F9) to return to ASCI
  48. Click  (or Enter) to return to SECT
  49. Note the course Synonym and enter on the Section Information Form
  50. Click  to complete Section Entry
  51. Initial and date the Section Information Form and return to the Con Ed office

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