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Infographic: Using the SMART Board


Infographic: Using the SMART Board

Below is a brief overview of how to use the SMART board that is available in campus classrooms. 


Smartboard. Orient - If you press the interactive surface of the SMART Board with your finger and your cursor appears somewhere other than where you're pressing, try orienting the interactive whiteboard. Write - You can pick up any of the pens in the tray on the SMART Board and begin writing on any file you have open on the computer. Or open the SMART Notebook software and write in a file you can share with students. Engage - Using the SMART Board, you can create a classroom environment where students with different learning styles can engage with the material and learn from each other. Export - After you present your material using SMART Notebook software, you can export the file and share the information with your students or colleagues. Help Desk - Phone: 215-645-6495 Email: Live Support: Knowledgebase:

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