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Infographic: Faculty - Why Use Starfish?


Faculty - Why Use Starfish?

Below is information on why you should use Starfish or My Success Network throughout the semester to help your students be successful in their courses. 

Title: Using Starfish can Make a Difference in Student Success   Student Success Network: Reach for the Stars   Attendance Reporting: You will receive an email notification approximately 2 weeks into the semester when the attendance survey is available in Starfish. Reporting attendance helps students maintain their Financial Aid.   Midterm Grades: Midterm grades are to be recorded in Starfish. You will receive an email notification when it is time to enter midterm grades. Once grades are submitted you cannot go back to make changes.    Kudos: Acknowledge when a student is doing well in your course throughout the semester.   Giving Kudos helps motivate the student and keeps the advisor informed.   Flags: Raise Flags if a student is struggling in your course. This lets the advisor and other appropriate support services know that they need to step in to get the student back on track.    Services: Students have access to a number of support services. Students can contact Tutoring, Testing, Advising, Disability and Veterans Services, and more!   Help Desk   Phone: 215-641-6495   Email:   Live Support:   Knowledgebase:

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