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How to Complete and Use MyCareerPlan


How to Complete and Use MyCareerPlan

MyCareerPlan can help you with finding and learning more about your future career.

This article covers: 

  • How to Complete MyCareerPlan
  • How to Filter and Search Career Matches
  • How to Learn More About a Career
  • How to Navigate the MyCareerPlan Homepage

You can download or print your MyCareerPlan assessment results at any time from the MyCareerPlan homepage.  



Complete MyCareerPlan

There are a total of 4 assessments that need to be completed in order to find out your Career Matches. The 4 assessments test your Interests, Values, Personality, and Workplace Preferences. 

Below are directions on how to complete the MyCareerPlan asessments. 


1. Login to the portal using your College Username and Password. Click the Student Tool Menu link. Under Resources, click MyCareerPlan

Note: Faculty and Staff can find the MyCareerPlan link in the portal under the Applications tab. MyCareerPlan can also be located under the Resources drop down Menu in the Tools section.





2. You will now be taken to MyCareerPlan (by JobZology). You will be asked to take four assessments. Click the Start Your Journey icon to begin taking the assessments. 

Note: Assessments do not need to be completed at the same time, but all four must be completed. 




Start Your Journey in MyCareerPlan




3. Follow the prompts to complete the assessments. 




4. Once you have finished taking all four assessments you will be taken to your Career Matches page. Your strong matches will be listed first. 



Career Matches in MyCareerPlan








Filter and Search Career Matches

You have the ability to filter and search your Career Matches more in depth. You can search for specific jobs use the filter feature to find jobs by your match, subject area, education experience, and industry.

Below are directions on how to use the search and filter options on the Career Matches page. 


1. On the Career Matches page you can use the Search or Filter feature to find specific jobs.

Search - Search for specific jobs that you are interested in.

Filter - Search for jobs based on Education and Experience, Subject Area, Match Strength, and Industry. 



Search and Filter options in MyCareerPlan




2. Career Matches based on your Search and Filter options will generate as you fill out the information. 







Learn More About a Career

Once you have decided a certain career looks interesting, you can learn more about the career by detailing into it.  You can even use this tool to help find jobs within your geographic area! 

Below are directions on how to learn more about a career. 


1. To find out more about a job, click on the job description card on your Career Matches page.   



MyCareerPlan Job Card




2. You will be presented with more information about the career, including: 

  1. Job Description - What they do
  2. Alternative Job Titles
  3. What Activities you would do on the job
  4. What you need to have to be successful in this field
    1. Knowledge
    2. Skills
    3. Abilities
  5. Average Salary Range
  6. What the job outlook is for the field
    1. Below average, average, bright
  7. Education Level Required for this job
  8. Search for jobs related to this career
  9. Things to consider if interested in pursuing this career



Detailed information on a specific career





Navigate the MyCareerPlan Homepage

You can return to MyCareerPlan at any time once you have completed the 4 assessments. You can access your assessment results and career matches at any time. There are 3 main areas in MyCareerPlan; Assessments, Job Board, and Tools. 

Below are directions on how to navigate the MyCareerPlan homepage. 


1. When you enter MyCareerPlan after you have completed all 4 assessments, you will be taken to the Assessments page where you can see your assessment information including a Summary of your assessment results and the results of all four assessments. Use the tabs at the top to navigate to each individual test results. 

Note: You can print or download your test results at any time. 




Assessments tab in MyCareerPlan



2. Click the Job Board tab to search for specific jobs and their location. You can even filter your results by Job Match Strength, Distance, and Job Type. 



Job Board in MyCareerPlan




3. Click the Tools tab to learn how to create a Resume and Cover Letter, how to Network and prepare for Interviews. 



Tools tab in MyCareerPlan



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