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Faculty - View Submission Receipts


Faculty - View Submission Receipts


When students submit their assignments they receive a submission receipt that is visible in My Grades. Students are also emailed the submission receipts. Instructors have the ability to view student submission receipts in the Grade Center. This article will show you have to view your students' submission receipts.


1. Login to Blackboard and go to the course where you want to view your students' submission receipts.

2. Scroll down to the Course Management menu on the left and click Grade Center.

3. Click Full Grade Center.



Course Management and Full Grade Center












4. Place your mouse over the Reports tab until a drop-down menu appears. Click Submission Receipts.



Using the Reports tab view submission receipts


5. You will now see the Submission Receipts dashboard. It will most likely be blank. Use the filters at the top to search for a specific student and click Go. The submission receipt will appear in the box below.


Note: If the box is blank, either the student did not successfully submit the assignment or the spelling and/or search criteria you have selected is incorrect.





Submission Receipts Results







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