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Faculty - SafeAssign Direct Submit


Faculty - SafeAssign Direct Submit

This article will explain how to submit a paper to SafeAssign that was not uploaded into Blackboard.


1. Log into Blackboard and into your course  
2. Under Course Tools, scroll down and click SafeAssign  

3. Click DirectSubmit

NOTE: DirectSubmit works as a repository and it will list all of the papers you submit here 

4. Click Add next to New Folder. This will help organize the submissions uploaded through DirectSubmit  
5. Click on the name of the new folder. Ex. Course  
6. Click Submit Paper   

7. Select either Upload File or Copy/Paste Document

a. If you choose Upload File, click Choose File

b. If you choose Copy/Paste Document, add a Paper title and paste the text into Paper Text

8. When finished, click Submit

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Comment by Steve Schmitz on Thu, Mar 26th, 2020 at 6:07 PM
The instructions were easy to follow. But, there is no information provided as to what happens AFTER the submission. Where, when, and how long until the document is ready for review?
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