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Faculty - Managing the Blackboard Course Navigation Menu


  Faculty - Managing the Blackboard Course Navigation Menu


A standard course navigation menu is automatically provided in your Blackboard course but can be modified to meet your needs.  

 Adding a Course Navigation Menu Option

1. To add a menu item, put your mouse over the Plus sign   

2. Select the type of item that you want to add  

Note: For adding a place where you can add content -such as documents, PowerPoint’s, etc. - to your course, click Create Content Area ).

3. In the Name field, enter the name of the content area    
4. If you want your students to view the content area, click the  Available to Users checkbox
5. Click the Submit button
6. The new menu option appears at the bottom of the course list.
Note: You can click and drag the new menu option to a new location in the list.


Rename, Delete, Hide, or Move a Course Navigation Menu Option  

1. To change the name of a menu item, mouse over the menu you want to rename then click the chevron to the right of the menu item and select Rename Link  
2. Type over the current text.  
3. Click the green check mark to save.  
4. To delete a menu item, click the chevron to the right of the menu item and select Delete  
5. Click Delete content to delete the content area 
Note : You can also cancel or click Hide the link to remove the link from the students’ view.
6. Click the Delete button to confirm the deletion  
7. To hide a menu item, click the chevron to the right of the menu item, and select Hide Link  
8. To change the ordering of the menu items, hover over the menu item that you want to move, click the arrow to the left of that menu item and then drag it to the appropriate location.    
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