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Faculty - Making your Course Available or Unavailable


Faculty - Making your Course Available or Unavailable 

When a course is unavailable, it is visible to the Instructor, but hidden from all the students enrolled in the course. The Instructor can leave the course unavailable and work inside the course to add content. The students will not see the content until the course is made available.

Note: The IT Department makes all courses available on the first day of class. You can make your class available earlier by following these steps.

1. Under the Course Management, click the Customization button.

Note: Some of the instructor activity is through the links under the Control Panel. Students do not see the Control Panel.

2. From the menu, click Properties.

3. Under Set Availability, Click Yes next to Make Course Available.

Note: To make the course unavailable, follow the steps and change the "Yes" to "No."  (The course will automatically be available for the duration of the course's offering.  Changing the course to unavailable in the middle of the semester will not have a lasting affect as the system will automatically make the course available again.)

4. Under Duration, click Continuous.


5. Click the Submit button.
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