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Faculty - How to Align Goals to Content Items in Blackboard


Faculty - How to Align Goals to Content Items in Blackboard

After administrators create goals, you can easily align content with a goal. Access the goal’s contextual menu and click Add Alignments. Next, you can browse or search for goals that are available in the system and choose which ones to align with the content.

Following the same steps, goals can be aligned to assignments, learning modules, lesson plans, and content folders.

From a content item’s contextual menu, click Add Alignments.

The Discover Goals window appears.

Locate specific goals by selecting from the Browse Criteria options in the left side panel:

  • Source: Only one source can appear at a time.
  • Goal Set Type: The name of the goal set.
  • Goal Set: The branch of learning or subject of the goal.
  • Category: The learning level.
  • Goal Type: The classification of the goal, such as Benchmark or Content Goal.

Alternatively, type keywords in the Search box and click Go.

Goals that fit the criteria appear.

Select the check boxes for the goals to align to the content item.
View the selected goals only by expanding the Selected Goals area at the bottom of the Discover Goals window.

Click the X icon at the left of the goal to remove the goal.

Click Submit.

The selected goals appear under the content item.

Make the goal visible to students by clicking the Student Visibility icon under Actions.

Click the X icon to remove a goal.

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