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Faculty - Embedding Videos in Blackboard


Faculty - Embedding Videos in Blackboard

You can embed videos from various sources in Blackboard. For example, the Library subscribes to Films on Demand and Kanopy. Both of these resources have streaming videos that you can embed in your Blackboard course site for your students to watch.   

To embed a video within Blackboard follow these steps.

1.  On a computer, go to the video you want to embed.

2.  Depending on the source of where you are obtaining the video from, you will see either a Share or an Embed/Link button. For example, Films on Demand has an Embed/Link button and Kanopy has a Share button as shown below.  

Films on Demand Example     Kanopy Example
Films on Demand example with the Embed button highlighted Example of a Kanopy video highlighting the Share button


3.  Click the Embed/Link or Share button.


Films on Demand Example Kanopy Example
Films on Demand embed code screen shot Kanopy video embed code link

4.  Highlight the Embed code and copy it by clicking the Copy button or by pressing Ctrl C.

5.  Go to the area in Blackboard where you want to embed the video such as Course Materials.

6.  Click on Build Content then select Item.

7.  Enter the name of the video that you are embedding in the Name field.

8.  Click the HTML button in the Text box.

Blackboard text box highlighting the HTML button screen shot

9.  Paste the embed code that you copied in the HTML window by pressing CTRL V.

HTML text box screen shot

10.  Click Update. A box will appear in the text space as shown below.

Blackboard text window screen shot

11. Click Submit and the video will now be embedded in your course.

Screen shot of embedded video

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