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Faculty - Creating Adaptive Release Advanced Rules


Faculty - Creating Adaptive Release Advanced Rules for a Blackboard Test

Adaptive Release Advanced rules allow your to distribute content or assessments to your students based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Date
  • Grade
  • Membership

There are different scenarios of when you would want to apply adaptive release advanced rules. For example, a student can't not take an online exam during the set date range the exam is open or a student cannot use the Respondus LockDown software that you normally use for your online exams. Essentially, you can apply these rules for any thing that you post in Blackboard. 

There are two main steps to setting the adaptive release rules.

Step 1: Create a copy of the test

  1. Click on Course Tools located under Course Management.
    Course tools link under Course Management on Blackboard course menu

  2. Scroll down and click on Test, Surveys and Pools.
    Course Tools options with a box around the Test, Surveys, and Pools option.

  3. Click Test.
  4. Click the arrow next to the test that you want to copy and select Copy.
    drop down menu options highlighting the Copy option

A copy of the test or quiz will now show in your list here showing that it has not been deployed to a content area within your course.
Lists of tests. the one that was copied has a red box around it.

Navigate to the content area in the course where you want your student(s) to access this and deploy it there. Here are instructions on how to deploy a test/quiz.

Note: You will want to make the test unavailable to the students within the test options. You can adjust this after applying the adaptive release advanced rules in step 2 below.

Step 2: Create the Adaptive Release Advanced Rules

After deploying the copy of the test to a content area, you can apply the adaptive release rules.

  1.  Navigate to the content area in your course where you deployed the test.

  2. Click the arrow to the right of your exam and select Adaptive Release Advanced.
    Adaptive Release Advanced option
  3. The Adaptive Release Advanced page displays. Click Create Rule. Click Create Rule.
    Create rule button on adaptive release advanced page

  4. Give the rule a name and click Submit.
    name field for the name of the rule.

  5. You will see the name of the rule you created displayed next to Manage Criteria. Now you need to set up the criteria. Click on Create Criteria and select Membership.
    Criteria membership selection

  6. Click Browse next to Username.
    Username field and browse button

  7. If the list of your students do not appear, change the Search field from Username to either First Name or Last Name and then type the first or last name of the student. The list of user(s) or that particular student will display. Click the checkbox to the left of the user/student that you want to add to this membership and click Submit.
    List of users

  8. Now that the membership has been established, we need to determine the date and time range the test will need to be available for the student(s). Click Create Criteria and select Date.
    Date Criteria selection

  9. Click the check boxes next to display after and display until and then click on the calendar icon and clock icon to select the date and time range that this will be visible to the students in this membership.
    Date and time range visibility
  10. Click on Submit.

  11. Now your criteria is displayed on this screen. click Ok to return to the content area.
    Adaptive release advanced rules showing the membership and date range

  12. Edit the test settings on the copy of the test that contains the adaptive release advanced rules and make the test available to the students. Here is a link on how to do that (see step 5 and ensure no date range has been set in step 10).
    Note that this will only be available to the students for the membership and date range selected in the adaptive release advanced options.
  13. An additional column will be created in the Grade Center for this copy of the test. Edit that Grade Center column and make sure the test options as shown below are set to No and then click on Submit.
    Grade Center column options

  14. After the students complete this version of the test, transfer their grades to the original column in the Grade Center for that test.
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