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Faculty - Clearing a Student’s Attempt in the Blackboard Grade Center


Faculty - Clearing a Student’s Attempt in the Blackboard Grade Center


Clearing an attempt allows you to erase a Grade from the Grade Center. For example, if a student’s computer locks up during an exam or they submit the wrong attached file for an assignment, you can clear that student’s attempt allowing them to retake the assessment.

Clearing a student's attempt will delete anything a student has submitted thus far. 

This article will walk you through how to clear a student's attempt in the Blackboard Grade Center. 


1. Under Course Management click Grade Center.

Then click Full Grade Center


2. Locate the student and the Grade Center column where you want to clear the attempt. Put your mouse in the cell until a small gray down arrow appears. 

Click the gray down arrow. Then click View Grade Details. 


3. You will now see the Grade Details page for that particular student. 

Below you will see a chart with 4 tabs. By default you will be taken to the Attempts tab. 

Locate the Attempt for that student that you want to clear and under Actions click Clear Attempt.


4. You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to clear the attempt.

Click OK.

5. When you navigate back into the Full Grade Center you will see that a grade is no longer listed for that student.   



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