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Faculty - Changing the Default Letter Grading Schema in Blackboard


Changing the Default Letter Grading Schema


Within the Grade Center you can provide students with a letter grade, percentage, or score.  In addition, when using the primary display and secondary display option, the letter grade is influenced by the Grading Schema.  The Schema can be changed by completing the following steps.  In addition, this helps the students know their letter grade. 


Video - Grade Schema (Captioned) - Video Length: 00:02:26


1. Under the Course Management area, click on Grade Center.  
2. Under the Grade Center column options, click Full Grade Center.  
3.  Click the Manage button to access the drop down menu.  
4. From the drop down menu, select Grade Schemas.







5.  Next to Letter, click the chevron (circle with an arrow pointing down).  

6.  From the drop down, select Edit.

Note: Leave Schema Information Name as Letter. 


7.  Under Grade Scored column, change the ranges to meet your syllabus grades.  

Tip: Start from the top and complete the values for the first letter grade and then move to the next row. Then, delete any letter grades not needed and insert additional rows as needed.


8. Enter a percentage that is between the first percentage and the second percentage into the column into the Will Calculate as column.   

Note: Even if you don't plan on typing "A" into a Grade Center column, you are required to fill this information in.  The value entered into the Will Calculate As cell must lay within the range entered into the Grades Scored Between on that row. If you fail to do this, you will receive an error when you attempt to save your work.




9. Delete any rows not being used, by clicking the words Delete Row within that row.  
10.  Complete all necessary columns and click the Submit button.   
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