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Faculty - Blackboard Text Editor Options


Faculty - Blackboard Text Editor Options

Top Level Menu Blackboard

1: Bold text.

2: Italicize text.  

3: Underline text.  

4: Strikethrough text. 

5: Format your paragraphs. Using the Heading and Subheading options will allow you to be compliant with accessibility. 

6: Chose a font. Arial and Veranda are recommended fonts for proper accessibility. 

7: Choose your font size. The recommend size for accessibility is a 12-point minimum. 

8: Apply bullets to a list. 

9: Provide a numbered list. 

10: Chose your text color. For accessibility purposes, it is best to stick with a black font on a white background. 

11: Highlight any text. If you are going to use a highlight to call out information it is also advised to bold the same text as well for proper accessibility. Also, make sure there is proper contrast between the text and the highlight colors. 

12: Remove formatting. If you copy and paste from Word, you will often get a white line in the background. By using this tool, you can eliminate that white line. Please note this strips all formatting (underlines, bolds, etc) so you will need to re-format your text. 

13: Cut text or images.

14: Copy text or images

15: Paste items from your clipboard

16: Undo

17: Redo

18: Alight Text Left

19: Align Text Middle

20: Align Text Right 

21: Align text to both the left and the right margins.

22: More Tools/Options - Adds two more bars to your options list.

Second Option List Blackboard

23. Move text or object to the right (indent). Select again to indent further. 

24: Move text or object to the left (outdent). Select again to outdent further.

25: Make text into a superscript. 

26: Make text into a subscript. 

27: Add or edit a hyperlink. You can specify a link to a website, a file from your computer, or an item in the course content collection. 

28: Remove any hyperlinks from the selected text, or from the text at the current cursor position. 

29: Enter text to the right of the current cursor location (default).

30: Enter text to the left of the current cursor location. 

31: Add a thin horizontal line to the current cursor position, spanning the entire width of the text area. 

32: Inset a nonbreaking space at the current cursor position.

33: Turn spell check on or off. 

34: Select this button to open the mathematics equation editor. 

35: Show Invisible Characters.

36: Blockquote used for Work Citation.

37: Add a special character to your text.

38: Add emoji's and emoticons to your text.

39: Position the cursor where you want the anchor to appear and select to open Insert/Edit Anchor page. Anchors are used to position (anchor) other items and objects, such as images. 

40: Select to open the Create/Modify Table page. You can set the properties for the table, including number of rows and columns, spacing, alignment, borders, and more. 

41: Delete tables

42: Edit Table properties

43: Select to open the Table Row Properties page. You can set formatting options to control how the contents of a given table row will appear. 

44: Select to open the Table Cell Properties page. You can set formatting options to control how the contents of a given table cell will appear. 

45: Insert a blank row above the current cursor position. 

46: Insert a blank row after the current cursor position. 

47: Delete the current row from the table. If multiple rows are selected, all of them will be deleted. 

48: Insert a blank column to the left of the current cursor position. 

49: Insert a blank column to the right of the current cursor position. 

50: Delete the current column from the table. If multiple columns are selected, all of them are deleted. 

51: Select to open the HTML Code View page, where you can edit the content HTML code directly. This is generally meant for web developers. 

52: Accessibility Checker checks your data to comply with users who have disabilities. 

53: Insert/Edit code sample- Typically used for Web Developers to modify the code of the site.

Third Level Tools Blackboard

54: Preview your submission.

55: Help regarding information on Blackboard Tools

56: Fullscreen - switches your view to full screen.

57: Add Content 

  • Insert Local File - Photo's, Videos, and Documents
  • Insert from Content Collection - Insert files and media from your content collection within your course
  • Dropbox - Adds Dropbox
  • EDS Curriculum Builder
  • Evolve Links
  • Flickr Photo
  • Kaltura Media
  • Labyrinth eLab
  • Magna Campus
  • McGraw Hill Connect
  • Qwiklabs
  • Sage Vantage
  • Slideshare Presentation
  • TechSmith Knowmia
  • Visible Body Courseware
  • YouTube Video
  • Yuja Media Chooser 
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