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Faculty - Blackboard Grade Center - Sending Reminders


Faculty - Blackboard Grade Center - Sending Reminders



Instead of sending emails through Blackboard or from your college email to remind students of missing work, you can now send email reminders through the Grade Center. Using the Send Reminders feature in the Grade Center automatically sends a system generated email to all students that are missing work. This feature eliminates the time spent searching the Grade Center for students that have not yet turned in work. 


1. Login to Blackboard and go to the course where you want to send reminders.

2. Scroll down to the Course Management menu and click Grade Center.

3. Click Full Grade Center.



Course Management and Full Grade Center




4. Locate the assignment column in the Grade Center where you want to send an email reminder about missing work. Click the small down arrow next to the name of the assignment in the column until a pop-up menu appears.



Grade Center Assignment Column




5. Click Send Reminder.



Send Reminder




6. A message will appear at the top of your browser asking if you are sure you want to send an email reminder to those students missing work. Click OK to send the remind.



Send Reminder Pop-Up Window



7. Another message will appear at the top of your browser letting you know that the reminder was successfully sent to the corresponding number of students that are missing work.



Send Reminder confirmation  message in Blackboard


8. Students will receive a system generated email letting them know the assignment that they are missing.



Student Reminder email sent from Blackboard


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