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Faculty - Attendance Reporting in Starfish


Faculty - Attendance Reporting in Starfish

This article will teach you how to enter student Attendance in Starfish. You will receive an email notification when the Attendance reporting period has begun for your courses. 


1. Click on the link contained within the Attendance Reporting notification email



2. Enter your College username and password if prompted



3. Click 3 lines in the upper left corner. Then click Home.  

5. Select the appropriate class section link under Outstanding Progress Surveys located at the top of the screen.




6. Review the list of all students. 




7. Only select the box next to the students who are not attending. 

If students are attending, make no selection and submit the report.

If you need to make a change, click the box to the right-hand side of the screen that corresponds to their name.  

Note: There is no default option listed. You are only to select the box next to a student who is not attending. 




8. Review the status you selected for those students that are not attending before you click submit.

Note: Once submitted you cannot go back in and change student statues. You can click Save as Draft if you wish to go back into the attendance reporting.




9. Click Submit when you are finished. 

You will receive an email confirmation for each successfully submitted section attendance.

Note: If you miss the deadline for submitting the attendance reporting survey you will need to complete the attendance correction Frevvo form located at


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