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Faculty and Students: Infographic - Connecting to Wifi on Campus


Faculty and Students: Infographic - Connecting to Wifi on Campus

Below is information on how to connect to wifi on campus. The information includes how to connect Android and Apple devices as well as laptops.



Title: Connecting to Wifi MC3Secure   IPhone   1. Tap Settings.  2. Tap WiFi.  3. Tap MC3Secure.  4. Enter your MC3 Username and Password.  5. Tap Join or Next.  6. Tap Accept or Trust to verify.  7. Open a browser and go to  8. Follow the directions to complete.   Android   1. Swipe down from the top.  2. Tap the gear icon in the upper right to access Settings.  3. Tap WiFi.  4. Tap MC3Secure.  5. Verify the Settings: Phase 2 - Change to MSCHAPV2. If it says "CA Certificate" choose Do Not Validate.  6. Under Domain, enter   7. Identity: Enter your MC3 username.  8. Scroll down to enter your MC3 Password.  9. Tap Connect.  10. Open a browser and go to  11. Follow the directions to complete.

Laptop   1. Connect to the MC3Secure network as you would connect to any wireless network.  2. If prompted, enter your MC3 Username and Password.  3. Open a browser and go to  4. Follow the directions to complete.   Troubleshooting   Error message: Incorrect username or password for MC3Secure. Select Dismiss and re-enter username and password   Unable to join the network: Select the MC3Secure wireless network and choose Forget Network. Then return to step 1.   Wi-Fi is turned on: Go to Settings; select Wi-Fi and verify the adapter is not turned off   Issues connecting: Please stop at one of our Help Desks for additional assistance at the Blue Bell Campus, ATC 323, or the Pottstown Campus, SH 256.      Help Desk   Phone: 215-641-6495   Email:   Live Support:   Knowledgebase:

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