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Faculty - Adding Content from OneDrive to Blackboard


Faculty - Adding Content from OneDrive to Blackboard


You have the ability in Blackboard to add content from your College OneDrive account into your course in a more seamless fashion. This article will walk you through how to add files from your OneDrive account into Blackboard.


1. Go into the course where you want to add content.  

2. Depending on what you are creating/adding, you may have the option to add an Attachment. For example, when adding an Item there is a section called Attachments

In the box provided, select Browse Cloud Storage.


3. A pop-up window will appear. A message will be visible asking you to clear your cookies before proceeding if you are using a shared computer. Click Close when you are finished (if applicable).

Note: This would impact you if you are using a public computer that anyone can use/access.


4. Select OneDrive for Business. 

Note: OneDrive for Business is for your College issued OneDrive account. Selecting OneDrive will allow you to connect a personal OneDrive account (if applicable). 


5. Enter your College email address and password to confirm your account.







6. Click Accept to allow Blackboard to access your OneDrive document information.  

7. Your College OneDrive will now load. Navigate to any folder or file that you wish to add and click Select

8. The document will  now be attached to the content you are adding.  
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