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Faculty - Add a Pool to a Blackboard Test


Faculty - Add a Pool to a Blackboard Test


Once you create a Pool in Blackboard you will be able to add the Pool to a Test you have created in Blackboard. 

This article will show you how to add your Question Pool to your Test in Blackboard. 


1. Under Course Management select Course Tools and Test, Surveys, and Pools.



2. Select Tests.


3. Locate the Test where you want to add the Pool or create a new test by selecting Build Test.

Click the gray down arrow and select Edit. 


4. Select Reuse Question.


5. You can either add your Pool as one of the following:

  • Question Set
  • Random Block

Both Question Sets and Random Blocks deliver questions randomly. However, you have more searching and editing capabilities with a Question Set than a Random Block. 


6. Select the Pool you wish to add and select the box next to the questions you want to add. 

Note: You can select the box at the top to select all questions. 

Click Submit when finished. 


7. Determine the point value per question and the number of questions you want to display to students. 

For example, if you have a Pool of 20 questions, but you only want 15 questions to be delivered from that Pool, enter 15. 


8. You may add as many Pools as you wish to make up your test. 

Once you have finished creating your test you must now deploy the test in your course. 

Note: For more detailed directions on Question Sets and Random Blocks, please view the articles from Blackboard:

Random Blocks

Question Sets

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