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Faculty - Accessing and Understanding the Blackboard Grade Center


Faculty - Accessing and Understanding the Blackboard Grade Center


The Blackboard Grade Center is where you will go to input student grades and/or view work students submit to you. 

This article will provide you directions on how to access the Grade Center and how to understand what you are looking at an using in the Grade Center space.


1. Go into the course in Blackboard where you want to view the Grade Center.  
2. Under Course Management, click Grade Center. Then click Full Grade Center.



3. You will now see your full Grade Center. You should see a list of students enrolled in your course as well as some Grade Center management icons located at the top of your Grade Center. 




4. By default, you will have a Total column and a Weighted Total column. 

  • Total Column: Calculates the total number of points a student has earned in your course.
  • Weighted Total: Calculates the total number of points a student has earn in your course based on the weight applied to each assessments. For example, if your syllabus indicates that all Quizzes are worth 20% of a student's final grade then this column will need to be setup so that quizzes are weighted as 20%. 

For directions on how to setup your Grade Center Total or Weighted Total columns, please view the following articles:

Faculty - Setting Up your Grade Center: Total Video

Faculty - Setting Up your Grade Center: Weighted Total Video


5. The management tabs located at the top of your Grade Center will allow you to do the following:

  • Create Column: Manually create grade center columns for the assessments in your course. This option is ideal for face-to-face and/or hybrid courses where students may be physically turning work into you rather than submitting work online via Blackboard. 
  • Create Calculated Column: Add a calculated column to your grade center if you wish to add another in addition to the columns that are already there by default (Total and Weighted Total). Additional columns to add are an Average Column and a Minimum/Maximum Column.  
  • Manage: The Manage tab allows you to access a number of different grade center management options including Column Organization and Categories. Column Organization allows you to organize your Grade Center columns and Categories allows you to create your own Categories which are used for the Weighted Total (if applicable).
  • Reports: Create grade center reports to run, view grade history, or view assignment submission receipts of those students that submitted work via Blackboard (if applicable).
  • Filter: Change how you are viewing the grade center by filtering out what things you would like to see. 
  • Work Offline: Download your Grade Center into an Excel file so you can view the information offline.

6. Below the tabs you will see additional management icons. They are located above the actual Grade Center. Starting from left to right:

  • Email: Email students in your class right from the Grade Center
  • Sort Columns By: Change the grade center column layout
  • Order: Change the order of how columns are listed in the grade center, Ascending or Descending. 

7. Full Screen Grade Center View allows you to expand the viewing area of your Grade Center. 

Click the icon that looks like four arrows pointing outwards to open Full Screen Grade Center View. 

Note: This feature will open in a pop-up window. Please be sure you allow pop-up windows in your browser.

8. Below these icons you will see a Grade Information Bar.

The Grade Information Bar will show you a breakdown of the assessment information when you place your mouse over the name of the column.

For example, in the image to the right you see information on a Video Assessment. When the computer mouse was placed at the top of the Video Assessment column, the assessment information appeared at the top. 

Information includes the Points Possible, the type of assessment, the name of the assessment, and the number of students that have submitted thus far. 


9. Below the Grade Center in the lower right corner you will find the Icon Legend button. 

The Icon Legend will provide you descriptions of the icons you could see in the grade center that is associated with student work. 




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