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Enrolling in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Enhanced Security: Downloading the Microsoft Authenticator App


Enrolling in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Enhanced Security:

Downloading the Microsoft Authenticator App

Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA is a process in which requires additional logins in order to view documents and access systems in a more secure setting. This can be used for viewing documents you may need for use from the College, such as tax forms, or programs used by the College, such as email.

This article will show you how to go through the steps to keep sensitive or private information safe. By going through multi-factor authentication you verify that "you're you" before you access this type of information.

You can enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication in one of two ways:

1. Downloading the Microsoft Authenticator App

2. Text Message/Phone Authentication


Note: You will need to have access to a computer and your mobile device to complete these steps.

If you have previously set up Multi-Factor Authentication using Authenticator and now have a new device, please contact the IT Help Desk to update the registration.


Downloading the Microsoft Authenticator App

Step 1. Download the Microsoft Authenticator app.

1. Go to your mobile devices app store and search and download the Microsoft Authenticator app. This app is free to download.






2. Open the app when it has finished downloading. When prompted to allow notifications from this app, press Allow  

3. You will now see the Add Account screen. 

At this point, put down your phone and go to your computer and open a web browser.






Step 2: Go to

1. From your computer's web browser, go to  

2. On the More information required page, click Next.

If you are not already logged into Montco Connect, you will be asked to Sign In using your College email and password. Follow the prompts until you get to the More information required page.







3. You will now be taken to the Keep your account secure Microsoft Authenticator page. 

Click Next.







4. Click Next on the Set up your account page










5. A Scan the QR code window will appear. 

Leave the code as it is and move over to your mobile device to finish setting up your account. 






Step 3: Open the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile device.

1. Now move over to your mobile device and open the Microsoft Authenticator app you just downloaded.   
2. Press Add Account.






3. Press Work or school account.






4. If prompted, be sure to allow access to your mobile devices camera. This will allow you to scan the QR code that will be used to finish setting up your account. 

Your mobile devices camera will now turn on. 

Hold up your mobile over your computer screen so the QR code fits in the square provided.

Note: You do not need to press any buttons on your phone to take a picture of the QR code.



5. Once the code has scanned via your mobile device, your account will be set up via the Microsoft Authenticator app.






6. Keep the Microsoft Authenticator app open on your mobile device.

To verify notifications from the app are working properly with your account, got back to your computer and click Next from the Scan the QR code screen.






7. On the Let's try it out window on your computer, click Next.

A notification will be sent to your mobile device via the Microsoft Authenticator app. 





8. Once you receive the notification in the Microsoft Authenticator app, press Approve.

This action is confirming that "you're you."






9. On your computer, the Let's try it out window will now show that your notification was approved with a green check mark. 

Click Done.





10. You are now registered for multi-factor authentication. 

Please be aware: You will only be prompted to authenticate every 14 days. 

Note: After initial registration it will take approximately 15 minutes before MFA is enabled on your account. 





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