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Delete an Assignment Contract


Deleting an Assignment Contract

After an assignment contract is entered for a course and there is a need to change the Load, the entire line needs to be deleted . This also applies to changes to any other field in the course assignment.

  1. Detail into Faculty Assignment (FASC)
  2. Open the appropriate section
  3. Go to SECT
  4. Open Colleague
  5. Click inside the box labeled St next to the Faculty Member’s information.
  6. Click on the Edit menu and select Field Delete .
  7. Select on Delete in the Alert box as shown on the next screen to delete the whole line.
  8. Save All


NOTE : Assignments have to be manually removed from all cancelled courses after the academic purge is run. If you get an error message preventing you from exiting the screen, verify the contract has been deleted and Load Period field is blank.
If payroll has pulled the class, contact the payroll office and they will delete the assignment.
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