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CROA: Setting Crystal report viewing preferences


Setting Crystal report viewing preferences


If the Preferences menu is not available on the header panel in the BI launch pad, you do not have the "Change preferences for objects that the user owns" right assigned in the Central Management Console (CMC) in the BI platform. To request access, contact your system administrator.


1. On the header panel, click Preferences.

2. In the Preferences dialog box, click Crystal Reports in the navigation list.

3. Under Select a default view format, select a viewer for displaying Crystal reports:

     — Web (no downloading required)

         Use this viewer for reports created in Crystal Reports. It does not download files and will work without Java or ActiveX.

     — Web ActiveX (ActiveX required)

         Use this viewer for versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer that support ActiveX controls.

     — Web Java (Java required)

Use this viewer for web browsers that support the Java Virtual Machine.

4. If you selected the Web (no downloading required) viewer, under Select printing control (for Web), perform one of the following actions:

     — Select PDF one-click printing (Adobe Acrobat required) to export reports to PDF for printing. If a report has Flash objects, you must export            the report to a PDF file before it can be printed.

     —  Select ActiveX one-click printing (ActiveX required) to print reports from the viewer. You must install a small ActiveX component.

5. If you selected the Web (no downloading required) viewer, under Select a rendering resolution (for Web), choose a viewing resolution.

6. Under Select a default measuring unit, select Inches or Millimeters.

7. Select the Show SAP Variable Technical Name (SAP Crystal Reports 2011 only) check box to display the technical names of SAP variables when working with reports in SAP Crystal Reports 2011 format.

8. Click Save & Close.


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