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CROA - How to change the report title and name



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By default, a free-standing cell was created that contains the report name. You want to change this to read Sales revenue data.

 1. Select the Report 1 cell.



The Formula Bar becomes active. You’re not going to create a formula in this cell, but you need to use the

Formula Bar to edit the text in this cell.


2. Type Sales revenue data in the text box, and click the green checkmark icon.


 The text in the cell changes to show the text you entered.




3. Click the Formatting tab.


4. In the Style subtab, click the Underline (U) icon to remove the underline format.


5. To increase the size of the text, in the Font subtab, click in the font size box, type 18 and press Enter.




6. To rename the report, click the Page Setup tab, and then select the Rename Report subtab.



 7. In the text box, type Sales revenue data and press Enter.



The tab at the bottom of the report page shows the name you just typed.

 8. Save the document.










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