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CROA for Administrative Assistants


CROA for Administrative Assistants

 Logging in to CROA


1. Log into the MyMC3 Portal  
2. Select CROA from the right hand side under the Applications tab.  
3. If prompted, enter your network credentials and Click OK.  




Locating and Opening Reports


Searching for Reports

1. Click on the Public Folders folder on the left hand side.  
2. Click on the Search Title drop-down and select Search All Fields.  
3. In the search bar, type the xmenu mnemonic  
4. Click the magnifying glass to begin the search  
5. Reports matching the search criteria will be displayed  
6. Right-click the report and select ‘View’ to view the report  


Menu Drill Down


1. Click the Plus next to Public Folders (from the left side navigation,)     
2. Click the Plus next to MCCC Reports
3. Click the Plus next to Student
4. Xmenus for Administrative assistants are located in the Academic Affairs > Faculty Contract and the Administrative Assistants folders


Viewing Reports



1. Locate the report  
2. Right-click the report  
3. Select View  
4. If prompted, complete the “Prompts” screen to customize the report.  View instructions on Using the Prompts  
5. Press Refresh Data at top right to retrieve the latest data (Refresh date/time is listed in the lower right corner of the report)  


Using the Prompt screen



1. Select the prompt to edit     
2. Verify search fields selected on the right
3. Use the directional arrows to remove or add items to the list (Make selections for additional prompts by following steps 1-3 again)
4. Click Run Query
5. After clicking Run Query you will then see your report.  To see the last time the report was updated, look in the lower right hand side of the screen.   
6. If the date is old, you can refresh the data by clicking on the button on the top right of the screen.  


Saving a Report



1. Click on the drop down  
2. Select Save to my computer as   
3. Select the format
4. *** Note — if you do not see your report in a folder after saving it, it may be located on one of the other pages of your folder.  Only 10 results per page are shown.  To see the others, click on the  arrow to advance to next page or go back a page.  


Creating a shortcut to the X menu reports



1. When you are at the Faculty Contracts folder, you will see the reports on the right side of your screen.  
2. Right click and select Organize   
3. Select Create Shortcut.
4. On the left hand side list, right click on the destination folder and select Organize and Paste Shortcut.   
5. After you create the shortcuts they will appear in the folder you selected  


Creating Folders in My Favorites



1. To create folders in the My Favorites area.  First click on Home in the upper left hand corner and then click on My Favorites  
2. Click New drop down   
3. Select Folder
4. Enter the folder name and click on OK.  
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